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Christmas Island Red Crabs | Kepiting Merah


Red crabs in Christmas Island, Australia is a species endemic to the Indian Ocean region. Each year, enter the month of October to December will be a red crab mass migration, over land and then go to the beach to find a place to lay their eggs. During migration, the crabs are still breathe using gills, for that they avoid exposure to sunlight to prevent drying or dehydration, because it would be a threat to them.
It is estimated up to 120 million red crabs from 14 species. During this migration the crabs eat the fallen leaves, flowers or other plant species. But they also eat other animals such as insects that they encounter during its passage. In fact, sometimes they also eat crabs, aka cannibals.
This crab size range of 10-20 cm, female crab was bigger than the male.
Location of Christmas Island not far from Indonesia. Christmas Island is populated around 1493 people, with the largest city Flying Fish Cove. Wide island is only 135 km2, and certainly smaller than Bali Island.
 Christmas Island Mab

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